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Thread: Swedish Urban Apartment

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    Default Swedish Urban Apartment

    Cozy Apartment Decorated in Pure Modern Scandinavian Style

    This Swedish urban apartment is a great example of modern Scandinavian interior design. The optical white walls and the light essence wood floors are a sine-qua-non in any typical Scandinavian interior. Then there is the mixes of new with the old, even with some DIY pieces, just note the low tables and the shelves which are made out of wooden crates of all types, shabbily painted. There is also the use of fabric, with knitted throws, pillows and accent rugs. The lighting is in line with the overall decoration, with minimal light bulb pendants and visible electrical cables, as well as vintage looking floor and table lamps. The fact that this apartment is located under the roof of an old building gives it a special charm, but also many irregular and sloping lines, as well as niches and rounded surfaces. The designers have made skillful use of these spaces, fitting in the bathroom, the dining table and creating cozy corners. The different heights under the ceiling as well as the roof windows let the natural light invade the apartment. The stove with its tall visible chimney adds to the Scandinavian charm of the place. A beautiful example of how to make more with less and obtain a cozy and contemporary atmosphere!

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    The patio/balcony is warmer and more inviting than any room in the house. Very austere and cold. Somebody toss that red wine onto the white couch cushions for me.

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    I guess I could live in it, but I would definitely add more color accents.
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    Cute!! Love the window treatments.
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    i love the space, absolutely love it. their sofas and some of their furniture is boring and nothing special and i would change them but nothing is offensively ugly.
    the space is amazing though, love the walls and nooks and angles and the terrace and floors and kitchen and bathroom.
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