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    Default One Beacon Court

    One Beacon Court by Tara Benet

    Located in the One Beacon Court building inside the Bloomsberg Towers sits this modern condo designed by painter and interior designer Tara Benet. With sweeping New York City views framed by large windows, the mostly white interior is flooded with light giving a wide open and airy feel. Benet worked with art advisor Kati Lovaas to fill the space with emerging art that pops against the white walls.

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    The city views at night would be spectacular. Maybe that's why they don't have any shades/curtains. But I wouldn't like a house where sunnies are required on bright days. Otherwise it's utterly soulless.

    And I hate living rooms where the big fuck off TV is the focal point. I know we watch it but does it have to be slap bang in the middle like that?
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    I love it, although some of the furniture and art is a bit wanky, and I get an uneasy feeling there should be a flayed man on that big X.
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    When I see paintings, like the big pink blob one, it makes me think I can do it. I'm sure I can buy a canvas and some paints, and make a story up about how "the blue represents my inner child, and the rough brush strokes are representative of my perpetual inner rage", and sell a piece of shit "art" for a few hundred bucks.

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    I am not Tara Benet. And that white accent table is from West Elm, cheap and cute.

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