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    Villa Sapi by David Lombardi

    Canadian architect David Lombardi has created the Villa Sapi in Indonesia.
    This beach-front rental villa combines different interior styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, which results in a unique and exciting experience for its guests. Canadian architect David Lombardi’s concept of ‘Function over Form’ leaves Villa Sapi’s guests with a sense of discovery and surprise at every twist and turn, ranging from the traditionally styled, grass-roofed building that houses the main kitchen to a futuristic home theatre. Furnishings carry a signature colour theme of black, red and lime green, while the walls are adorned with flair – bamboo, water cascades and conceptual artwork. The first clue to the quirky nature of the artwork is a white sculpture in the coconut grove garden which, in huge black letters, suggests that we should ‘Stop Making Sense.

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    I would liekly kill myself on those stairs in the bottom pic and, honestly, I just don't get this house. It's cool in the sense that you could visit here and post awesome pics on facebook that your friends would envy (I mean, isn't that why people take vacations these days?), but it isn't practical for actual daily living.

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