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    Default Queens Residence

    Elegance and Sophistication: Queens Residence by Cambuild

    Queens was designed by Perth-based Cambuild. The stunning interior possesses a heightened sense of elegance and sophistication, and an attention to detail that only adds to the experience. Every element has been carefully considered and crafted, making this home a testament to what's possible. Ducted air conditioning with humidity control, smart wiring and a CCTV system are additional highlights and the inclusion of eight-foot doors, commercial-grade switchboards and LED lighting throughout meet the owners requirements to future proof this character renovation.

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    Again with all the white. I love it except I'd have to have a lot more color. I also don't care for the cabinet handles in the kitchen and bath being the same. Looks like they were cheaping it out. And forget about white sofas.

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    not one spider in any pic? photoshopped!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    not one spider in any pic? photoshopped!
    Yes,but with white walls they can be easily spotted.
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    I like most of it, but I hate the bathroom.
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