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Thread: Departamento ASL in Mexico

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    Default Departamento ASL in Mexico

    Perfect Balance Between Contemporary Space Design and Classic Furniture

    Departamento ASL is located in México City, México, and was designed by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea. The sophisticated interior revolves around chic elegance while giving each room a unique feel. In the private area there is a study shared by the two bedrooms, ivory color is what stands out in this space and the wood veneer is highlighted with a soft carpet that with its natural color scheme gives rhythm to the space. The master bedroom has a large bathroom done in marble with a generous dressing area adjacent to a small room, for reading or just relaxing, separated from all the apartment activities. The result is a contemporary space with an atmosphere in which the taste for the classic defines its special personality. The family room is a transitional space between the public and private areas and has the best technology to enjoy a movie or just listen to music. In this space stand out the ebony wood walls and ceilings, the absolute black granite wall and the Calacatta marble base, the combination of colors and textures make a unique atmosphere.

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    fuck no.
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    ^ Yeah, that.
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    The room with the tinted windows reminds me of an aquarium. Looks too executive office. I like the dining area though.

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    They like sectionals. A lot.

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