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Thread: Georgia Residence in Seattle

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    Default Georgia Residence in Seattle

    Modern Living Spaces Exuding Personality: Georgia Residence in Seattle

    The modern Georgia Residence located in Tangletown, Seattle, USA, borrows its name from Georgia O’Keefe, the Modernist painter acclaimed for her delicate flower and landscape representations. Discovered on Green Canopy Homes, this contemporary home combines minimalist design with original additions, resulting in elegant and personalized living spaces.

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    there's absolutely nothing special about this house, inside or out. in fact, it's pretty ugly.
    and i'm not seeing the georgia o'keefe connection.
    the bedroom furniture in the room with the mannequin torso is particularly vile, as is the painting in the living room.
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    That's some really crappy art. It isn't just the furnishings here. The whole space is depressing me, reminds me of Fahrenheit 451 or some other nightmare of a futuristic vacuity. It has arrived.
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