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Thread: Constant Motion Loft

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    Default Constant Motion Loft

    Constant Motion Loft by Alex Bykov

    Ukrainian architect Alex Bykov finished his first interior design project and it’s quite impressive. The loft, named Constant Motion, was designed for a young creative couple in the heart of Kiev’s historical district and after many discussions with the Bykov, the idea of “constant motion” was decided upon.
    The loft, which began as a square space, was designed with the concept of movement in mind when it came to arrangement and layout. The bedroom, lounge, library, and the bathroom surround the kitchen, which is the historical symbol of the “family’s heart”. You can move from one room to the next in an uninterrupted circle, as the spaces flow into each other
    The built-in library was built on top of a raised floor, which allowed for more storage space. Modular shelving was installed as a flexible solution and the geometric patterns can be changed around depending on their needs. The space was all built using low cost materials.

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    NO! Hell NO! I can see nothing but that cheap ass particle board! *vomits*
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    I would take it just to get that dog! He obviously owns the place.
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