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Thread: A country home in the centre of London

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    Default A country home in the centre of London

    Hideous decor, but very tempting location

    Des res: Park House in South Kensington, London, which is on the market for £105million

    Park House has been described as the finest home to come onto the market in the past 25 years

    Hideaway: Amazingly, the property is secluded away in more than half an acre of land

    It is currently owned by Professor Gert-Rudolf Flick, but the heir to the Daimler Benz auto fortune has decided it is now time to sell up.

    The property is on the market with Beauchamp Estates for £105 million.
    This makes the nine-figure home the most expensive on the open market and 640 times the £164,000 typically paid for a house in England and Wales. It is 275 times the price of the average home in London and is only of only nine homes that fetch nine figures in the capital.
    But despite the price-tag, which would incur a stamp duty charge of £7.35 million, the beautiful property is not expected to be on the market for long.

    Aerial view of Park House. it is a stone's throw from some of the finest museums in the world

    Eden: The beautifully-landscaped gardens of Park House

    It is currently owned by Professor Gert-Rudolf Flick, but the heir to the Daimler Benz auto fortune

    Despite being a vast property, there would be no way of knowing it exists with entry via a discreet, unsuspecting drive

    The current owner bought Park House for £4.5 million in 1986

    Elegant: Despite the eye-watering price, the property is expected to sell quickly

    Plenty of room: The home has six bedrooms, five bathrooms and seven reception rooms

    The price will aslo buy planning permission for a pool and cinema, among other facilities, below ground

    The property currently houses one of the world's finest silver collections

    There is also planning permission to enlarge the home by approximately 8,000sq/ft with a subterranean extension to include a 50ft swimming pool along with gym and cinema as well as three further bedrooms above the drawing room.
    Professor Gert-Rudolf Flick has a PhD in Law from the University of Munich and is a scholar of European art history covering the period from the 16th-19th centuries.
    Flick is a prolific buyer of artwork and antiques with Park House playing home to one of the world's finest silver collections.
    He said: 'I was attracted to it because it is almost a country house in the middle of London. It is very quiet. From no window can you see a car passing by.
    'I am not really leaving London but might relocate for a year to Austria, where I have a home.'

    The property is on the market with Beauchamp Estates for £105million

    Elite: Only nine homes in the capital command nine figure sums

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    The inside is an eyesore. I like the exterior and location. I'd take it and change all the furniture, tapestries, flooring, etc.

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    I love it.
    I am going to come and burn the fucking house down... but you will blow me first."

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    Once more I find myself wishing I had money (a LOT of money )
    The inside is an eyesore of course, but boy, the location and exteriors, they're to die for !
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    What a location! The floors are amazing and even the wall coverings are beautiful--if not to my tastes--- but the furniture and draperies are atrocious!

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    Meh, just basic boring rich person furniture, it's not actively brain-melting ugly. It's probably comfortable too. I won't care if my cats ruin it or I spill coffee on it, excellent.

    Yeah, I'll take this. Hand it over. Wait, can I put in an underground bomb shelter house with even worse decor next to the underground pool and movie theatre??
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    The location and privacy. A beautiful home. Those drapes remind me of the Baldwin sisters off the Walton's.

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