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Thread: Drew Barrymore lists Montecito house at $7.5 million

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    Default Drew Barrymore lists Montecito house at $7.5 million

    She may have staged her wedding there, but Drew Barrymore has no room for sentiment when it comes to material belongings.
    Just a year after marrying Will Kopelman in the lavish garden of her stunning Montecito estate the 38-year-old Charlie's Angels star has listed the traditional property for $7.5 million.
    Built in 1937 on two acres of lush grounds, the home boasts six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms, as well as a separate guest apartment and a host of parking spaces.

    Up for sale: Drew Barrymore lists her Montecito, California home for $7.5 million

    Luxury: Built in 1937, the home boasts six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms

    And as the listing on Trulia reveals: 'A walking path winds through the abundant gardens, citrus and avocado trees and expansive lawn to create a one-of-a-kind setting.'

    Back in June 2010, Drew purchased the home for $5,705,000, before meeting Will, 35
    The actress has not always been lucky with her home ownership - in 2001 her Beverly Hills home was destroyed by fire, leaving her staying in a rental for a year.
    But despite putting the home on the market, this time Drew will not be left homeless.
    She and her family also split their time between her $8million home in the Hollywood Hills with panoramic views of LA and another in Manhattan.
    Drew and her art consultant husband began dating in February 2011 and announced their engagement a year later. They married on June 2, 2012 in a modest 190-person ceremony.
    Soon after, the happy couple welcomed their first child daughter Olive in September 2012.

    Nursery: Baby Olive's comfortable surroundings

    Scenic spot: But Drew and her family also split their time between her $8million home in the Hollywood Hills with panoramic views of LA and another in Manhattan

    Dinner time: The house boasts plenty of space for entertaining

    And, according to a report last week in Star magazine, parenthood hasn't taken away the spice in their relationship.
    The couple often have date nights at various hotels in Los Angeles where they pretend to be strangers who meet at the bar.
    'They'll get a sitter for their daughter, Olive, and take turns arranging a monthly overnight stay.
    'They'll meet at the bar and pretend to be business travelers. Once Drew dressed up as a chambermaid and Will was a hotel guest,' a source said.
    Fine dining: Perfect breakfast setting for a big family

    The piano room: Perfect for entertaining guests

    Meanwhile, Will better watch out because Drew has admitted to having a crush on The Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale.
    'Christian is so cute,' Drew recently gushed to InTouch magazine. 'I knew him when he was a kid. But if he walked into the room now I would totally clam up or I might go overboard and embarrass myself.'
    But she also insisted her and Will are more than happy and the key to her happy marriage is making sure they spend quality time together.
    'You just have to do it, you have to squeeze in the occasional date night. For our last date night he took me downtown for ramen noodles,' she said.

    Room with a view: The main bedroom offers view of lush gardens

    Lush gardens: Where Drew and Will staged their wedding day

    Read more: Drew Barrymore lists the Californian home she wed Will Kopelman in for $7.5 million | Mail Online
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    That's hideous, the yard is nice though.
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    I love the sun room and kitchen,but those hotel drapes from 1980 gotta go.
    It does have a great view.

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    I love this shit. I would ask her to take the zebra rug with her on her way out.
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    Wonder if their marriage is crumbling. I like the views.
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    The darkest and ugliest baby room I've ever seen.
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    That is really kind of stuffy and unexpected for Drew.

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    that is one ugly nursery... why would furniture and drapes have the same pattern/fabric/colors? ick!
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    I like the kitchen (although not the dining chairs/stools), the rest is hideous.
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    I want to like the kitchen, but I'm not sure if I do. It's a little funky/kitschy looking. I prefer modern with lots of stone and tilework. I don't like all the barstools around that huge island; I'd have to do something about that. And, I only need one stove.
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    I like the yellow tiles and table in the kitchen, and the refrigerators.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palta View Post
    I like the yellow tiles and table in the kitchen, and the refrigerators.
    Me too.

    I'm not keen on some of the furnishings and wall colors but I love the overall feel of the place and the gardens are wonderful. I don't understand why Drew would leave the house, especially since it meant enough to her to get married there.

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