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Thread: An eco friendly country house in Uruguay

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    Default An eco friendly country house in Uruguay

    This eco friendly country home in Uruguay is owned by artist Pablo Reinoso. The decor is left very simple: some Thonet chairs, basic furniture pieces and cotton fabrics from Indian are used to decorated the various rooms. The bathroom features a huge trunk that is embedded in the polished concrete floor and serves as a towel rack. The many outdoor places were designed to enjoy the southern summer.

    (images by R.Labougle, via ELLE Decor Spain)

    an eco friendly country house in uruguay | the style files

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    Um, no thanks. A giant tree branch in the bathroom? Yeah, that won't get in the way at all.
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    Yes, please, I love this so much.
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    Well, I'm sure to have a great time falling on my ass just trying to clamber down and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. WTF with that loft "ladder" stairs monstrosity.
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    Uh, no thanks. I love trees - not up my ass while I'm showering though.
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