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Thread: A home on Ile de Ré, France

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    Minus the very expensive bathtub, it's too college dorm/rec center to me.
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    About that tub... it's nice and deep but I can't figure out how one would lay in it and relax.

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    I love it.
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    Hate the kitchen and the exterior. Kind of digging that bath tub though.
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    I like the exposed brick and not much else.

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    Fuck no, if I wanted something that felt like a dull, minimalist modern condo I would not bother going to France. Moreover, if I were in France I'd want to live in something old and interesting and quintessentially French.
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    It completely lacks the charm of the typical Ile de Ré houses
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    You'd have to wear slippers all the time.
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    Love the tub, hate the kitchen and just about everything else.
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    Île de Ré is beautiful!

    I love the kitchen...

    This explains a lot..

    A traditional house revisited on the Ile de Ré

    A Loix-en-Ré, Françoise and Serge Madec, antique dealers for over 20 years, were inspired by their many trips to New York to decorate their home in a vintage spirit.


    Full Screen


    To cast your vote: I like
    I do not like

    A house in the industrial style and retro

    Serge Madec, former professional skipper, has done many times crossing La Rochelle / New York sailing. So naturally with his wife Françoise, they buy their home on the island of Ré. While her husband is at sea, Françoise starts in the flea market. His shop "Côté Jardin" in Ars-en-Ré is also a reference to the vintage furniture and industrial trend for over 20 years.

    Together, they have also redone several houses on the island with their traditional house more commonly known in the region a "stall Bordeaux." Serge Madec was indeed converted from a decade in project management. This is a typical architecture, ground floor, with an entrance that leads to four large rooms along the corridor. The walls were destroyed to create a large living space, both living and dining room. The frame and the wall of the patio has been redone. Large windows bordered with black were added, and surrounded by red brick. The ground had to be lowered by 20 cm and covered with rough pine boards salvaged in a workshop. Finally, a mezzanine hiding an extra bed and storage space behind wooden shutters have been installed above the library. Revisited in a bohemian spirit, the house mixes styles "industrial" and "flea market" in the materials, wood and brick. Wooden table construction, factory lamps, metal chairs vintage shop and library are the perfect blends decor also finds made on the beach. Françoise it unearths boat hulls rejected by the ocean, signs "Private OWNED" of yesteryear, bleached by salt and sun, beautifully decorate its interior. In short, a home that lives to the rhythm of the ocean, just 10 minutes walk. Dream.

    Front side, the back wall was covered with planks of wood painted gray overlapping in a boat building technique called "lap", used the island for salt barns. Overlooking a courtyard ideally oriented south, two armchairs, teak ( Trinidad to Ars en Ré), olive, bamboo, cacti reported to Ibiza, agaphantes and driftwood found on the beach embellish the zen and plants.

    Pour en savoir plus : A traditional house revisited on the Ile de Ré - Marie Claire Maison
    Free Charmed.

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    This. first thing I thought: What's up with the unfinished floors? Yuck.
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