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Thread: Your bed is your bath is your bed....

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    Default Your bed is your bath is your bed....

    I like how if you don't want to make your bed, you can just raise it up into the ceiling. But what if you want to sleep in and your S/O wants to take a bath?

    The cult of disappearing design
    By Ben on Wed Dec 26 2012

    Home | Design
    Above, the Bed Up Bed Down system from Italy, which allows a bed to levitate into a ceiling recess, here revealing a tub.

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    i guess if you were extremely rich and lived in a tiny studio but if you were extremely rich, why not just get more space? so i don't see the point of this. unless it's on a boat or something.
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    Hm, hadn't thought about it on a boat. I was just wondering about the general humidity of the bath. What if you take a bath and want to fall right into bed? The bathtub won't be dry. Seems like a recipe for mildew, but maybe they already thought of that?
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    Where's the fucking shower?
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    This is stupid on all levels.

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    Just stupid
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    I'd be constantly afraid of the bed falling on me and crushing me while having a bath. Not relaxing at all.
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    Wouldn't that get a bit mouldy? Gross!
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