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Thread: In Pomerania, a Modern-Day Manor

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    Default In Pomerania, a Modern-Day Manor

    A seven-bedroom home near Gdansk in northern Poland, built in 2011 to resemble a traditional Polish manor house, is on the market for $2.5 million.

    In Pomerania, a Modern-Day Manor - Slide Show -

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    I don't care for the red shutters. I actually kind of like the kitchen. The rest of it? That's a big old hell no from me.
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    Its just oo heavy. The grounds, the organ and the stairs are neat. I love the wine cellar, but its just so oppressive overall.
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    From the outside, it looks like a German restaurant. I don't hate all of it, but there's something creepy about it to me.
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    I appreciate the architecture, but I agree, it's creepy and "heavy".
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    holy crap that's ugly. it's not a style i like even when it's the original old stuff but the faux antique, russian-mobster-on-a-budget version is especially vile. burn it.
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    Yeah, most of it looks like it's the set of an Edgar Allan Poe movie. I like the outside of it though and the wine cellar. Burn the rest.
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