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Thread: A country home in the Dordogne, France

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    Default A country home in the Dordogne, France

    This beautiful home in the Dordogne region, France, was built in the early 18th century. The farmhouse contains a lot of original featured such as the stone walls and ceilings with exposed beams. The fireplaces and the stone floors were implemented by the owners. Mainly natural materials ad earth tones are used for decorating the house. But here and there some modern elements (such as the modern bath tub) can found which gives an interesting touch to the house.


    a country home in the dordogne, france | the style files

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    The outside is fabulous and stately; the inside's gotta go. Too rustic and cave-like for me. I imagine all sorts of bugs running up and down the walls.
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    I love the exterior, too. I like the rest of the house because it looks old, but there are things I'd probably change.
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    Too white but I like the stonework. What's this trend for fur throws on dining chairs.
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    Love that amazing rocking horse in the kids bedroom. That bathtub is pretty, but looks very uncomfortable.
    I can see throwing something over those cold ass looking chairs.

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    I love and I'll take it all except the beds and kitchen furniture.
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    I don't mind it, but it could use a dash of bright color here & there.
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    Love it all minus the beds and kitchen chairs.
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    That is an old town southeast and an hour away from Paris.Been there.One of the prettiest sights i ve seen.
    I like the house.
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    Love the exterior and the interior except for the beds and the kitchen table and chairs. What's with the chair beside the shower?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brookie View Post
    The outside is fabulous and stately; the inside's gotta go. Too rustic and cave-like for me. I imagine all sorts of bugs running up and down the walls.

    Yeah, I'd be bumping into things and scraping myself raw too often. Not a house for clumsy folk.

    I don't get the alcove next to the tub? did it use to be a window?!

    LOVE the bedrooms, though. They sort of feel like a different house.
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