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Thread: Rob Lowe sells ocean side home in Santa Barbara for $5.9 million

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    Default Rob Lowe sells ocean side home in Santa Barbara for $5.9 million

    A room with a view: Rob Lowe sells ocean side home in Santa Barbara for $5.9 million... and it's only 18 metres wide!

    By Amelia Proud
    PUBLISHED: 16:53, 21 August 2012 | UPDATED: 21:45, 23 August 2012

    Brat Pack legend Rob Lowe has sold his idyllic California beach house for $5.9 million.

    The Parks and Recreation star has offloaded his home at Carpinteria in Santa Barbara, California - which has impressive views of the Pacific - for the tidy sum, which is all the more impressive when you consider the fact that the property is merely 18 metres wide!

    Stunning vista: Rob Lowe is selling his ocean front Santa Barbara home

    The 2,082 square feet property, which has three spacious bedroom and bathrooms, was bought by insurance tycoon William P. 'Bill' Foley II.

    But Lowe isn't giving up on the beautiful area.

    The 48-year-old West Wing alum and his wife Sheryl, share a 20-room Georgian-style home in nearby Montecito.

    What a view: No chance of Pacific Coast Blues looking at this scene

    Pretty: But you can see how narrow the gorgeous treat is

    Superfluous: Rob and his wife have a 20 room mansion in nearby Montecito

    He opened the doors of the mega-mansion to Architectural Digest magazine in 2010 and then for Oprah Winfrey’s show in 2011.

    The beach house was also featured, and Lowe explained it is only 18 metres wide.

    Lowe is about to hit our screens in Knife Fight, a political thriller.

    He told Britain's Independent that he was reluctant to take on a a role so similar to Aaron Sorkin's hit, he said: 'It's funny, I was sort of reluctant to do another politically themed project.

    Idyllic: Despite it's size, the view from most rooms is incredibly appealing

    Compact: Lowe made the most of the space in the house

    Something to remember: The property is a little slice of Pacific Coast heaven
    'But I have two problems, one is that I love that world, and someone once said to me when I was talking about my reluctance about appearing in another politically themed drama, John Wayne did 500 Westerns and nobody said anything to him about it.

    'What's the big deal? And then there was Bill's documentary film-making credentials and [screenwriter] Chris Lehane has really been inside those rooms and so the script they delivered felt really authentic to me.'
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    For US peeps:
    18 metres is equivalent to 59.1 feet
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    its way cute.

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    I actually really like it. I'd rather have a small place done well than 7,000 square feet of fug.
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    I want it!

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    I love it too. But that price, egads.
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    The views are stunning.
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    You'll get a really nice view of the tsunami when the big one hits Cali.
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    how very santa barbara. which is to say, i hate it.
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    I can't be objective about beachfront property, so I'll say I love it. Even so, there's something about that white and black theme that screams Pottery Barn to me.
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