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Thread: Outside aircon cover made from an old pallet

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    Default Outside aircon cover made from an old pallet

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Garden Pallet

    I am always working on 10 projects at once, do you ever do the same thing? You'll be painting away on one project & BAMM an idea hits! The sad part is, I think I have a little undone-ness with EVERY project I have started. I'll get sooo close to being done and say it's good enough, I'll finish that one thing tomorrow....yeah right, try two months from now.
    I'm telling you this now because I'm going around and trying to "finish" some "unfinished" projects.
    I just can't seem to keep my mind on one thing at a time!!!

    Well, I will finish painting the bottom of my pallet fence tomorrow....if it doesn't rain.
    See how the paint doesn't go all the way to the bottom? Not quite done....among other projects.

    Storing my pallets in the yard grew on me. I did a post HERE how I needed space till I got around to cutting them up, but for some reason this pallet just looked like a little fence to me

    I painted it with some Porch and Floor paint that I had on hand from the dump trip for free. Built a little flower box out of pallet wood and attached it to the pallet, drilled small holes in the top and stuck some of my solar lights in them. Used my plant clippings to fill the flower box.

    TOTAL COST: $0
    What it looked like without the pallet.
    Painting the pallet, building the flower box, and....what is that round thing??? You will just have to wait and see.
    you can see the unpainted bottom a little better here

    Sad to say two days after putting this together we had a very bad rain storm and my flower box warped and kind of came apart, so I will have to build another flower box and not throw it together so quickly(
    I love it though!!!

    Now I just need to do the one I placed in front of the A/C unit to hide it.
    I'm still working on this back wall. It's just not the same since....
    This is what I had growing on the wall before, till the painters took it all down to paint last Christmas (((((
    Free Charmed.

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    that is so adorable! I'd love to do something like this.

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    If my husband saw this, he would mince every particle of it into mini-bits and dump it into a pile at the end of the driveway.

    Mr. Azoria is an HVAC tech with 30+ years. That exterior unit needs full, complete, and unobstructed air circulation in order to function at maximum heat exchange capacity. That fence and all those claustrophobic plants inhibit the air circulation surrounding that air conditioning unit. It will work harder and harder to intake fresh air to cool the coils as those plants encroach more and more--until the unit overheats, gives out, and you have a $5,000 bill to install a new air conditioner.

    And ivy? It will vine into the grill, down into the fan, and choke out the entire space. Ivy could not be a worse choice for this project.

    It's an air conditioning man's nightmare, and the HVAC company's lifeblood. As long as people keep doing this, they'll keep installing new AC units to stay in business another day.

    (I just showed my husband this pic and the look of horror on his face cannot be described.)

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    Yes, one of my neighbors has a giant transformer in their front yard. Every Christmas they cover it with a giant box & bow like a present. If that sucker ever blows out there will be a huge bonfire! Same idiot thought process!
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    And ivy? It will vine into the grill, down into the fan, and choke out the entire space. Ivy could not be a worse choice for this project.
    The one with the ivy isn't surrounding the AC, it's just a little garden fence she made. The AC unit is the unfinished one visible in the tenth photo.
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