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Thread: Madonna is selling Beverly Hills home for $28 million

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    Default Madonna is selling Beverly Hills home for $28 million

    She really is a Material Girl! Madonna decides to sell her plush Beverly Hills home for a cool $28million

    By Iona Kirby

    PUBLISHED: 04:13, 29 March 2012 | UPDATED: 04:13, 29 March 2012
    She once had a hit with a song about Hollywood, but now Madonna seems keen to leave Los Angeles behind.

    The pop diva has decided to sell her $28million Beverly Hills home.

    According to Real Estalker, the 53-year-old has put up the lavish French Country style mansion as a pocket listing.

    Moving on: Madonna has put her Beverly Hills mansion up for sale for $28million

    This means that a real estate agent is contracted to sell the property, but it is not listed in the Multiple Listing Service or advertised.

    When Madonna purchased the home in 2003 it was registered as having three bedrooms and five bathrooms.

    However it is likely that the star has expanded and added to the space, a source told the NY Daily News.

    Girl Gone Wild: Madonna posed with Jimmy Fallon over the weekend as they prepared for a live stream interview at the Facebook offices

    She is also thought to have completely redecorated the 5,800 square foot property, which sits on 1.14 acres of land.

    Features include a tennis court and a swimming pool, and the home is at the end of a long gated drive, adding to its privacy.

    Madonna bought the mansion nine years ago, while she was married to Guy Richie, and is believed to have paid around $12million for it.

    Bigger and better: When Madonna bought the mansion in 2003 it had three bedrooms and five bathrooms, but it is believed the star has expanded the home

    Fit for a pop diva: The French Country style property boasts a tennis court, swimming pool and long gated driveway

    Selling the property means Madonna will be waving goodbye to her celebrity neighbours Simon Cowell, Max Mutchnick and Guilford Glazer.

    However it could indicate the star is set to start spending more time in New York City, where she owns another home.

    Madonna reportedly lives in an Upper East Side townhouse that she purchased for $32.5million in 2009.

    Adding in value: Madonna purchased the home for $12million while she was still married to Guy Richie

    Read more: Madonna decides to sell her plush Beverly Hills home for a cool $28million | Mail Online

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    Is she high? 28 mil for that joint?

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    dear madonna,

    thank you for covering your nasty arms and grisly granny hands in public.

    RELIGION: Treat it like it's your genitalia. Don't show it off in public, and don't shove it down your children's throats.

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    It looks a helluva lot bigger than 5300 square feet.

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    Obviously, cost of living is different in different areas, but it's kind of obscene that her failed academy that was supposed to enrich the entire country of Malawi had a $15 million price tag, but ONE of her homes is priced at $28 million.
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