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Thread: Vin Diesel's gold, two-storey $1.1million trailer

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    Default Vin Diesel's gold, two-storey $1.1million trailer

    As the star of the Fast and the Furious film franchise, it is safe to say that Vin Diesel is a man who likes his boys' toys.
    So his choice in on-set accommodation doesn't come as much as a surprise. The actor has allowed cameras into his jaw-dropping $1.1million trailer.
    The enormous, 1100 square-foot vehicle is the 44-year-old star's home away from home when he is filming his action blockbusters.

    Fit for a king: Diesel ensures he feels at home in his mansion-on-wheels

    The two-storey gold monster has followed Vin around the world. At the moment it is residing on the set of The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking, which the actor is currently filming.
    It was even shipped to Puerto Rico where he filmed the latest Fast and the Furious installment.
    The spacious trailer has a pop up top floor and features granite countertops in the kitchen.
    $70,00 worth of technology, including 3D flat screen TVs and Blu-Ray, keep the actor entertained during those long hours in between scenes.

    As well as a media lounge, Diesel also has a private office space and had part of the upstairs turned into a special play area for his kids.
    The luxurious trailer was created by Anderson Mobile Estates, who have been commissioned by Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone and Will Smith to make vast vehicles to their extravagant specifications.
    Vin's $1.1million trailer is nothing on Smith's whose $2million mansion-on-wheels had to be removed from a New York street during filming of Men In Black 3 after attracting complaints from residents.
    Ashton Kutcher also calls one of Anderson's trailers home on the Two and a Half Men set.

    Vin is currently filming the Chronicles of Riddick film after providing the voice for the video games.
    The big screen adaptation sees Riddick fighting against alien predators after being abandoned on a desolate planet.
    The sci-fi thriller is due for release next year, while yet another Fast and the Furious film is in the pipeline. It will be the sixth in the franchise, and Diesel's third.

    Read more: Vin Diesel's two-storey $1.1million trailer | Mail Online

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    Tacky queen.
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    1.1M for a trailer?

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    He's quite the Diva. My friend who's currently working on his film in Montreal says it takes him MINIMUM one hour to leave his hotel room.
    Go Habs Go!!

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    Even A-list stars or celebs that can actually carry a movie aren't always that diva-ish. It's very nice on the inside though.
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