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Thread: Inverted Warehouse Townhouse - New York

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    Default Inverted Warehouse Townhouse - New York

    The Inverted Warehouse Townhouse has received numerous U.S. awards. It is the creation of Dean-Wolf Architects of New York, where architect Charles Wolf and designer Eunjeong Seong were in charge of the project.
    It is an impressive conversion of a loft (of 10,500 square feet) within a vast warehouse that covers the entire lot, leaving no room for outside space, garden or patio.
    The main achievements of Dean-Wolf's work are cutting the roof open to let the natural light in and then using glass panels to let it shine into the dark centre of the expansive structure.
    By doing this, they also created "outdoor" space inside, making the residence feel like it has a courtyard. They also created a large garden deck off the main living room.

    The Cool Hunter - Inverted Warehouse Townhouse - New York

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    i want this. incredible space. but i hate the white leather arm chairs and the coffee tables and a lot of the furniture.
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    It reminds me of a doctor's office.
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    It's a great space, but I don't like all that rust coloured metal paired with brown/orange fabric. Is it actually rusty metal? It's a pastiche of the 70's.

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    Cool space. Wouldn't want to live there though. What makes it inverted? Too lazy to click.
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    I like the space very much. Looks like it could be a really fun place to live or throw a party.

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