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Thread: America's Doomed Mansions

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    Default America's Doomed Mansions

    America's Doomed Mansions

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    Jackling House

    Location: Woodside, Calif.

    Tear Down Mansion: Jackling House

    Property Owner: Steve Jobs

    Jackling House - Marcelle Sussman Fischler - Forbes

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    From the site (I guess they are saying there is very little respect for the integrity or historical value of these mansions?):

    Jackling House

    Intending to tear it down and build a new house for his family, Steve Jobs apparently didn't care for the looks or the historical significance of the Jackling House, his 35-room mansion built in the 1920s for Daniel Jackling, a copper mogul. Located in an upscale town that's gone techie, the house had close to 15,000 square feet and was built by George Washington Smith, a well known California architect of his day. After legal hassles that delayed a demolition permit for nearly a decade, the mansion was torn down in February. No plans have been filed to build on the site.

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    other than land's end, chetwode and belmeade, most of those are hideous. especially that kitschy castle calvin klein had torn down.
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    I'd prefer Land's End to be restored rather than flattened but the rest deserve the 'dozer, especially the one that looks like a RHONJ wet dream.
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    Land's End was lovely. I hope they save Belmead.

    I liked Jackling House. Many years ago a friend from that area drove me by there. That whole CA 1920s Spanish Colonial revival produced some beautiful homes. Another friend of mine just sold his father's home in the Oakland hills which was much smaller--3 bedrooms--but very much in the same style, built in 1925 as well. We've wondered if it might have been by the same architect, George Washington Smith--who was also responsible for a lot of central Santa Barbara's look and feel--as it is definitely an original, architect-designed house. But we couldn't find any records.

    Anyway, the whole Jackling House thing really made me mad. Jobs must've known he wasn't going to make it at that point but he tore it down anyway. It was a pissy thing to do, really.
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