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Thread: Tamara Ecclestone's new closet features handbags on a conveyor rack

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    Default Tamara Ecclestone's new closet features handbags on a conveyor rack

    Tamara Ecclestone's new £45 million house has had the press going mad for details. Since the £18 million renovation was announced there have been rumours flying everywhere about what she'll actually be doing to transform the already lavish new digs. Well, The Daily Mail has the exclusive details this morning and what we're zeroing in on is the closet! Undoubtedly the £1 million bathtub is the most audacious upgrade to the house. However, the closet plays a close second fiddle! I think that fact that her wardrobe is divided into "wings" really says it all! The Daily Mail describes, in detail, the organization behind the wardrobe creation:

    Miss Ecclestone, who once said that she had ‘lost count’ of the number of £5,000 Hermes Birkin handbags she owned, will have her clothes stored in six rows of wardrobe racks, dedicated to either ‘eveningwear’, ‘casual/gym wear’ or ‘everyday’
    Lingerie will be kept in a cabinet with silk-lined drawers, while shoes and handbags will be stowed away on ‘conveyer racks’ allowing Miss Ecclestone to summon the perfect accessory from her collection, which, at the last count, included £700,000 worth of shoes.
    Other designer accessories will be showcased inside glass counters with drawers lined in exquisite leather from French couture designer Hermes.
    The dressing room, which the heiress has already boasted will have ‘mirrors everywhere so I can see how fat my bum looks before I go out’ – includes a ‘three-way’ mirror, with a trio of panels ensuring she gets the all-round picture.

    But if that’s not enough, the dressing room will also include a ‘vanity TV and camera’ behind another mirror. Using this, she can film her outfit, then transform the mirror to a screen on which to examine it from every angle before leaving the house.
    Another corner of the room has been set aside for a ‘leather pin-up wall with Polaroids’ – presumably of the heiress – and with her ‘T.E. logo’ stitched into it.

    Grand designs: Miss Ecclestone is spending £18million improving her £45m home, pictured above

    Pampered pooches: The pet dogs wrapped in blankets above, will have their own spa

    Read more: Tamara Ecclestone: Inside Bernie's girl's jaw-dropping £18m home refurb | Mail Online

    Fashion Foie Gras: Tamara Ecclestone's new closet features handbags on a conveyor rack

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    if you have the money, why not? i'd love to have a super awesome closet like that (and the money to fill it).
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    You have got to be fucking kidding me. A million dollar tub? Pretentious twatwaffle.
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    The closet seems exciting at first, but the thought of all the shopping it would take to fill it up just makes me tired.
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    I like that her pooches have their own spa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    The closet seems exciting at first, but the thought of all the shopping it would take to fill it up just makes me tired.
    No,no,darling. At those levels one has a personal shopper who knows your tastes, measurements and delivers complete (and I mean down to the undies) Outfits. Right to your door.
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