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Thread: Heath Ledger's $3 Million Treehouse For Sale‎

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    Default Heath Ledger's $3 Million Treehouse For Sale‎

    It is so enchanting it was nicknamed the Tree House.
    And now Heath Ledger's magical abode is up for sale for a cool $3million (£1.9m).
    The current owner of the Hollywood Hills home bought it from the estate of the late Australian actor in 2008.

    Luxurious: Heath Ledger's former home has been put on the market for nearly $3million

    Comfy yet stylish: The home features large windows which unveil the decadent outdoor area

    Zen: The interior has a relaxing and contemporary vibe to it, with plenty of natural light

    The palatial space is fit for A-list royalty, with homely but contemporary rooms, vast seating areas to hold gatherings and a Zen-like garden reminiscent of an Alice in Wonderland adventure.

    The home, which is on a secluded hillside location across nearly half an acre of land, also boasts a large deck area with an outdoor screening room, grill and fire pit.

    Magical: The outdoor area has a mystical Alice In Wonderland feel to it

    Built in 1951, the stunning hideaway has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a modern kitchen.
    However the brick fireplace, beamed ceilings and decks give the home a retro appeal.
    It was previously owned by Ellen DeGeneres and has been on and off the market in recent years.
    Ledger, who starred in Brokeback Mountain, died from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in January 2008, aged just 28.

    Read more: Heath Ledger's $3m luxury home is on the market | Mail Online

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    it's a cool house but the décor sucks, especially those shit brown walls. it definitely has the potential to be awesome though.
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    A cool Alice in Wonderland feel to it??? So the issue the drugs at the door?

    I like, but I can't tell if the ceilings are low or if it's the angle of the photography.
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    I hate the wood paneling, but love the structure overall. The outside is to die for.
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    Oh Heath (no I'm still not over it, whateves)

    The last thing I think about that backyard/trail is Alice in Wonderland. Just looks like a random bench in the woods.

    Which I do love that it's surrounded by woods. I don't like the decor, but I don't mind the paneling. I think it'd be nice with a little bit more of a rustic feel to it. I love the porched areas.
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