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Thread: Hollywood version of Greek Revival in Los Feliz

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    Default Hollywood version of Greek Revival in Los Feliz

    The multilevel house, built by filmmaker Dorothy Arzner, is listed as L.A. Historic-Cultural Monument No. 301. She shared the home with her lifelong partner, dancer-choreographer Marion Morgan.

    Home of the Week: Hollywood version of Greek Revival in Los Feliz -

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    It's just a big white box, real Greek has a lot more character.
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    Really like this. I shouldn't, but it's interesting. The master bedroom is huge. Love the giant fireplace and the great views.
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    A lot of white but the space and the views are awesome.
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    i don't like this at all. it's both flashy and generic.
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    I have a problem with the master suite actually...I don't like that the windows, with that great view, are not really part of the bedroom, but rather of the office off the back of the room. I would take out those arched walls seperating the outer office and the bedroom and make the most of that view.

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