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Thread: A 1970s California beach house made modern

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    Default A 1970s California beach house made modern

    Working with Los Angeles architect Rachel Allen, homeowners Amy Lippman and Rodman Flenders remodeled a Carpinteria beach house in two phases over four years. Here, son Haskell Flender, 14, rinses off in an outdoor shower in the new backyard.

    This 2004 photo shows the front of the house before the renovation.

    Today, the house has the form of a contemporary Spanish retreat with a new stucco exterior painted a deep bronze and a fresh clay tile roof.

    Amy Lippman and Rodman Flender's modern beach house -

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    i don't like the exterior design of the home - it just isn't my style though i guess with the renovation they made it as nice as it's ever going to be.

    the interior is awesome though, and i love the exterior deck in the last picture. i think the only thing i would change is the patterned red and white carpet in the bedroom.
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    I like this. I dunno about the bronze paint outside (it looks kind of patchy to me), but I like the thing that they've done to the garden.
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    I like it.
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