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Thread: Hot Water Heater Help

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    Default Hot Water Heater Help

    So we have no hot water, and in the beginning of a week long heatwave, my smelly self is angry. Our stellar landlady won't. Return our call, so maybe you guys could help me? I'm not sure if our water is gas or oil. Our stove is gas , but heat oil. I looked at the thing, but I can't tell what it is. Can anyone help me, since if it is oil then we are probably all out and that is h problem.

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    Do you have a hot water tank of some sort-there should be a tag of some kind or sticker on it.
    I would call a plumber tomorrow and see if they can guide you. If they can fix it, get it repaired, save the receipt and deduct that from your next months rent. Maybe the landlady is out of town?
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