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Thread: So Sad ... Robin Abandoned Her Nest At My Back Door

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    Unhappy So Sad ... Robin Abandoned Her Nest At My Back Door

    Several years ago, we had an American robin build a nest on our back door light fixture. We were really excited and checked on the nest often. She laid three eggs and only one hatched. A few days after it hatched, the baby bird was gone (way too early to fly) and the parents had taken off too. We looked all over the yard to see if we could find the baby, but it was nowhere to be found. We finally took down the nest a few weeks later because we didn't want bugs or something worse trying to get into the nest for the other two unhatched eggs.

    About a month ago, we noticed a lot of "fluttering" outside our back door one rainy day. Another robin built a nest in the exact same spot. I did a lot of research on it this time and found out that robins frequently build their nest close to human habitation (wiki even had a picture of a nest on a porch light). They usually lay three clutches a year and each clutch has 3-6 eggs. After she finally built her nest, she laid two eggs and then two more eggs in about three days. The eggs were beautiful .... not so much a robin's egg blue but turquoise. We saw her in her nest frequently ... she knew we were here because one of our couches is right beside the sliding glass door and she'd watch us. The eggs are supposed to hatch within two weeks and then the babies leave the nest in another two weeks. About a week after she laid the last of her eggs, we didn't see her anymore. It's been about six days since the last time I saw her. The eggs are still in the nest and they should have hatched by now. My husband thinks one of the neighbor's cats (they have four and they are almost always in our backyard ... grumble, grumble) killed her. Either way, I don't know what to do with the nest. Wiki said to leave the nest because robins frequently come back to previous nests to lay more eggs. These eggs are obviously dead ... she hasn't been in the nest in almost a week. As it is, I just had to chase a big raven out of the nest that's been trying to steal the eggs for weeks. Anyone have this happen? Should I just toss the whole nest? Poor little birdies.

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    toss 'em. birds are dead.
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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