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Thread: New Santa Monica house is a cubist flight in steel and glass

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    Default New Santa Monica house is a cubist flight in steel and glass

    The Santa Monica house that Victoria Casasco designed for cinematographer Giorgio Scali has some spectacular elements, including a glass-walled living and dining area that has a ceiling rising 23 feet high. But perhaps the biggest design move is the master bedroom suite, which hovers 13.5 feet above an outdoor living room. Perched on cantilevered steel beams, the bedroom seems to float in the air.

    New Santa Monica house is a cubist flight in steel and glass -

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    I constantly surprise myself when I look at these types of houses...when I am looking, I love every single thing about them. The openness, the modern styling, the contemporary furniture...all of it. Yet, when I look for a house for myself or I actually buy one, I go for the most traditional home I can find with large crown molding, brick facade, colonial architecture. I don't get me sometimes.

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    It looks like a store or office with those windows. I like the back patio area but the pool is a bummer. I don't understand having a little pool or just a lap pool. Boring.

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    More museum or doctor's office than home. Nothing cozy or homey about this place. No thanks.
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    Very cool, but not something I would live in. Doesn't seem like there would be much privacy.
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    Haven't we seen this one before? The shipping container look seems familiar.

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