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Thread: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne put Malibu beach house up for sale for $10m

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    Default Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne put Malibu beach house up for sale for $10m

    Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have put their luxury Malibu beach house up for sale for $10million.
    The 4,500 square-foot, five bedroom, five bathroom home boasts two balconies with spectacular ocean views.
    Earlier this month the couple were at risk of losing the property after running up a $1.7million tax bill.

    For sale: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are selling their Malibu beach house

    Looking for a buyer: The couple were at risk of losing the property earlier this year after running up a $1.7m tax bill

    While the couple settled their debt with the Internal Revenue Service, they are now looking for a buyer for the residence.
    It is situated in a gated community and features hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and floor to ceiling windows.
    They rented out the home for $40,000 per month last year, according to Radar Online.
    They also own a $12million house in LA suburb, Hidden Hill.
    Last week, Sharon frankly discussed the reasons behind her huge unpaid tax bill and happily admitted: 'I'm to blame.'
    The former X Factor judge said she lost track of her family's finances because she was spending too much time focusing on herself.

    Cook up a storm: The kitchen features stainless steel appliances

    The 58-year-old said although she initially blamed her accountant she was now taking full responsibility for the bill.
    'Even though he is paid to do a job, the buck stops with me,' she said.
    'He did say "I'm to blame," but I'm to blame because I didn't care enough.
    'I was too involved with myself. I cancelled two meetings with him over the last 18 months because I was way too busy.
    'The last couple of years, I have really been concentrating on myself - because I think I love myself a little bit too much - and not taking care of business,' she said.
    In 2005 they were included in a list of the UKs most wealthy couples having accumulated a $160million fortune.

    Cosy: The study includes wood panel walls
    Tanning time! The home boasts two balconies

    Read more: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne put Malibu beach house up for sale for $10m | Mail Online

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    their taste is SO tacky.
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    I love this view:
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    ^ That's the only photo I loved. The views!! Gorgeous. The rest is tacky and reminds me of Amelda Marcos for some reason.

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    Location, location, location...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellatheball View Post
    ^ That's the only photo I loved. The views!! Gorgeous. The rest is tacky and reminds me of Amelda Marcos for some reason.
    Took the words right out of my mouth.
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    Try keeping those kitchen cabinets clean.

    Too freakin white for me!
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    Is it a private beach? Just gorgeous location. But the neighbors are right there close. Watching every thing you do on your balcony!

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    I'm moving in!
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    The paper needs to check it's facts it's Hidden HillS and the place in malibu has been for sale for a number of years.
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