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Thread: Ashton Kutcher puts his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad up for sale

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    Default Ashton Kutcher puts his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad up for sale

    When he bought himself a $1million luxury home in the Hollywood Hills, Ashton Kutcher was still a man about town, enjoying his bachelor life.
    Less than a year later he met Demi Moore and embraced married life and playing stepfather to her three daughters.
    Now, six years on, Ashton has finally let go of the last few ties to his pre-Demi life by putting his home up for sale.
    The 32-year-old actor just listed the Hollywood Hills house as for sale with an asking price of $2.6million.

    For sale: Ashton Kutcher has put his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad on the market for $2.6 million

    According to the exclusive listing on, the home was originally 2,002 sq ft and was expanded to 3,235 sq ft during renovation.
    The modern two-story design utilises an open-floor plan and contains four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms.
    Woods used on the floors, stairs, wood beams and trim are made of mahogany, Brazilian cherry and recycled old redwoods.

    Fully renovated: The house has hardwood floors throughout
    All new: The custom built kitchen has sliding doors that open out onto the pool area

    Open plan design: The house also has four bedrooms and five baths

    To make the most of the agreeable California weather, it was built with plenty of outside access points through large glass sliders.

    Out back is an 'inviting and private', tiered water escape as water from an infinity-edge spa spills into the infinity-edge pool and lastly, into an infinity-edge waterfall.
    Beyond the pool and spa is lush, exotic greenery with walkways and stairs throughout the nearly one-acre property.
    Other fun amenities for any bachelor include a wine tower room, which holds 210 bottles, plus a temperature-controlled wine cooler and a professional home theatre.
    During his rise to fame in his role as Michael Kelso on That 70s Show, Kutcher purchased this Beverly Hills-area home in 2004 for $1 million, but then he and his father, Larry, extensively renovated and remodelled the property from the ground up.

    The father-son duo hired Duncan McIntosh to design the craftsman contemporary.
    A portion of the sale price will be donated to the Demi and Ashton Foundation (DNA), a non-profit organization set up by the couple that raises awareness about child sex slavery and helps in the rehabilitation of the victims.
    However, it turned out to be the bachelor-pad-that-never-was because soon after, Kutcher got married.

    Bright and light: The open plan living area is split over two floors

    Film night: It even has it's own movie theatre with an enormous projection screen

    Well finished: The house has top of the line fixtures and fittings

    Separate from the home sale, Kutcher has also teamed up with to sell tours of the home on Gilt City Los Angeles.
    The home has been staged by five Los Angeles designers for the tours and all proceeds from the ticket sales will benefit DNA.
    Additionally, items from the decorated rooms will become available for sale on Gilt Home February 12 through the 14, with a portion of these proceeds also benefiting DNA.

    Tropical paradise: The outdoor area has an infinity pool and hot tub surrounded by lush gardens

    Lush gardens: The house sits on over an acre of well maintained land

    Read more: Ashton Kutcher sells his Hollywood bachelor pad 6 years after marrying Demi Moore | Mail Online

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    I could totally love living there.

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    I enjoy the living room. That is all.
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    I love that it's pictured minus furniture. It gives a better idea of what could be done with it. When I first saw my house, it was empty and I liked that I could envision where I'd put things. Great place. The back yard is to die for.
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    i'll take it.

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    The kitchen looks a bit ordinary for a $2.6 mil house. As for the rest, I love it.

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    I'll buy it just for the back yard.

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    I'll take the whole thing; the right furniture would make it perfect.
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    I could totally live here !
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    I like it (love the theatre room) but I'm wondering why NOW all of a sudden he's putting it up for sale? They've been together a few minutes...why the holdup in selling? Hmmm.....

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    Boring and that's a sucky ass kitchen for a home in that price range.

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    Ha, I also wondered why it took him six years...guess he was taking a "wait and see" attitude about his marriage.

    Also agree the kitchen is bland and too small, I suppose the "bachelor" wasn't planning to cook much. Then there's the bathroom which doesn't look manly at all. Sterile. All that white would drive me insane.
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    Overpriced and too much wood, but overall not bad.
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    Nice, and by California standards fairly reasonable.
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    Cool pool

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