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Thread: In a Chelsea Apartment, Space-Saving Design

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    Default In a Chelsea Apartment, Space-Saving Design

    Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times
    George Ranalli lives with his wife, Anne Valentino, and their children, Sofia and Rocco. Mr. Ranalli designed the apartment, which looks like a high-tech Lego creation.

    Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times
    The apartment is in a 1895 cast-iron building in Chelsea. In 2002 the couple were living in a 700-square-foot apartment there with one child. In 2002, with a second child on the way, they bought the apartment across the hall and expanded their home.

    Habitats | Chelsea - Slide Show -

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    I love it, all except what appears to be the cardboard nailed to the walls.

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    Dear god, does the bed in the 7th photo overlook underneath like a balcony? I wouldn't trust myself not to jump.

    I'm not in love with the decorating, but it's a good space. Love that kitchen area.

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    Looks great minus his wacky lego idea.
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    Agree, it is nice except for the brown crap nailed on the walls. I'd take it in a heart beat.
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    Yeah love the space - but what IS that brown shit on the walls? It looks like somebody nailed drywall up but didn't take off the brown paper wrapping. Blech. I do love the building too.
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