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Thread: In Germany, A Water Tower to Call Home

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    Default In Germany, A Water Tower to Call Home

    A once derelict water tower, set in the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve, a Unesco nature park in the state of Brandenburg, Germany, is now both a home, tower at left, and a tourist attraction, tower at right, where visitors can access a viewing platform at the top.

    In Germany, From Derelict to Pristine - Slide Show -

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    With the right furniture (and kitchen! - yech!), this place would be an amazingly unique space.
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    That kitchen is the stuff of nightmares. I like the idea in theory but I think something was lost in the execution. Its very clinical/institutional in some places. Love the library/viewing area...
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    I would hate having the people in the tourist tower always staring into my home.
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    I don't like the kitchen but love the rest. All the lookey-loos would bother me. Maybe they own the tower and collect money from the tourist. If that is the case then let them look.

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