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Thread: In Tel Aviv, Living in the Public Eye

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    Default In Tel Aviv, Living in the Public Eye

    The living room and master bedroom have glass walls and share an interior courtyard. The media cabinet was designed by Mr. Zucker and custom-made for $3,000; the Eero Aarnio Ball chair was a wedding gift.

    In Tel Aviv, From Dark to Bright - Slide Show -

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    Prison quarters.
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    they've got some awesome pieces but overall i'm not feeling this.
    i do want their dining room table and chairs though.
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    trying too hard
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    That bathroom sink/trough is stupid. How much water would you have to put in there to reach down and even splash your face? Also, pink toilet paper with apple green tiles? The light fittings in the liviing room were picked out of a dumpster and way too small. I HATE ceiling lights unless they are fuck off huge. I do like the kitchen wall cabinets.
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