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Thread: A London Home Makes the Most of an Odd-Shaped Plot

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    Default A London Home Makes the Most of an Odd-Shaped Plot

    Graham Bizley, an architect with a limited budget, was not deterred by an oddly shaped vacant lot he found in northeast London. He bought it for around $50,000 in 1999 and spent six years designing and building a small house there. The one-bedroom, 1,050-square-foot house ultimately cost 207,000 (about $365,000). The windows are framed in Douglas fir; balustrades are galvanized steel.

    A London Home Makes the Most of an Odd-Shaped Plot - Slide Show -

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    i want that turquoise desk lamp.
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    Not much curb appeal, but I like it overall. Different, but not in a horribly bad way.

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    I like the house... I hate that they have all those fucking shoes like that at the bottom of the stairway. Get a basket or something, put 'em in your bedrooms... don't pile the fuckers on the bookcase and stairway.
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