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Thread: A Z-Haus in Oregon

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    Default A Z-Haus in Oregon

    The Z-haus is comprised of two attached, newly built rowhouses* situated in the exciting and flourishing, central neighborhood of N. Williams Avenue. For both homes, the design has achieved large square footage and generous backyard space by building UP, rather than out. This approach allows for more efficient use of land and significant energy conservation. In addition, both homes offer broad views of the neighborhood, downtown Portland, many of the city hills, and Mt. Hood

    Z for Two - Homes - Dwell

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    First thing I thought about was the tripping hazard of those animals on the stairs. I think living there would make you very fit very fast with all those stairs.

    On a side note, I had that same dollhouse as a kid - a slightly older model, though.

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    nice house.
    i love their dining room table.

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    A heinous atrocity, inside and out. Gives that other public building in downtown Portland a run for it's money as ugliest building in the city.

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