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Thread: From empty steel shipping container to playhouse, garden retreat and guesthouse

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    Default From empty steel shipping container to playhouse, garden retreat and guesthouse

    Texas architect Jim Poteet helped Stacey Hill, who lives in a San Antonio artists’ community, wrangle an empty steel shipping container into a playhouse, a garden retreat and a guesthouse for visiting artists. The container measures a narrow and long 8 by 40 feet; Hill asked that a portion of the square footage be retained as a garden shed and the rest serve as the living space. The architect added floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, heating and air-conditioning, a green roof, bamboo flooring and wallcovering, a small sink and shower and a composting toilet, and placed the structure on a base made from recycled telephone poles. “The container, as we call it, is a great escape for me because the space is pure, uncluttered, wonderfully sunlit, quiet and has a great view of my garden,” says Hill. “My two young daughters love it because it’s practically an empty box ready to play, create and pretend in.”

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    I think that's really cool! My son would love to hang out there.
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    OK for a posh shed I guess.

    People in cyclone-prone areas here use old containers as storage sheds and/or cyclone shelters (obviously without the glass windows).
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    Put two of them together and you got yerself a doublewide!

    I like the idea of reusing the containers, and three of them welded together would be nearly 1,000 square feet.

    I like what they did with it.

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    I would die in that toilet space...too small.

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