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Thread: San Pedro couple turns an old Montgomery Ward into a loft of eccentricity

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    Default San Pedro couple turns an old Montgomery Ward into a loft of eccentricity

    ( Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times ) On the first Thursday of every month in San Pedro, art lovers wander the streets of L.A.'s port town hunting for discoveries. If they stop by Gallery 741, proprietors Patti Kraakevik and longtime partner George Woytovich will gladly show their art, but more treasures reside upstairs in the couple's stunning two-story loft, a former '30s Montgomery Ward. In a region where adaptive reuse has never been more important, the department store-turned-loft represents one couple's admittedly eccentric vision of how to forge a future from the past.

    (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times) A fairly recent addition is the birdcage elevator car that the couple found at a Chicago salvage yard. It took them a year to restore the car to its former glory. Kraakevik jokingly calls it an expensive lamp.

    San Pedro couple turns an old Montgomery Ward into a loft of eccentricity -

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    What a great place for parties..even has it's own jail cell (elevator cage) for when a guest gets out of line!

    I am glad they saved the building and used it for something.

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    Me,too. Looks like they are having fun with it.
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    What a cool place - and check out the liquor supply! I want an invite.
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    God I hate that I remember Montgomery Ward...

    And yea, this place looks fun. Not my particular style, but still fun.

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    we used to love Monkey Wards!

    they should have gotten a better photographer for the pics. i'd like to see a lot more.
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    The Thursday art walks in Pedro are really nice! The town itself has turned into a really affordable and fantastic artist colony-type city.
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    you already know.


    Montgomery Ward my evil bitch aunt used to shop there.

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