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Thread: Los Angeles house Marilyn Monroe died in goes up for sale for $3.6m

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    Default Los Angeles house Marilyn Monroe died in goes up for sale for $3.6m

    The Los Angeles home that Marilyn Monroe was found dead in 48 years ago has gone up for sale for $3.6million (2.4m).
    Located in the luxurious Brentwood suburb, the Spanish revival home comes complete with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and an outdoor swimming pool.
    The actress bought the property in 1962 for $90,000 (59,000). She lived there for just six months before she was found dead in her bedroom from an overdose of barbiturates.
    Luxury: The Los Angeles home formerly owned by Marilyn Monroe - where the star died in 1962 - is up for sale for $3.6million. Seen here is the garden with kidney-shaped swimming pool

    Opulent: One of the four bedrooms in the property, which also has three bathrooms

    Icon: Marilyn Monroe bought the property in 1962

    The one-story property, built in 1929, spreads lavishly over 23,000sq ft of land, and is dubbed the 'crown jewel' of the neighbourhood.
    It is located behind tall gates on a cul-de-sac and is advertised on the website of David Offer of Prudential California Realty.
    The website describes the home as a 'sprawling and very special,' property, affording lovely vistas and great privacy and seclusion.
    It is also in close proximity to San Vicente Boulevard with shops, restaurants and a Sunday farmers' market.
    The current owner did not permit press access to the property but allowed news agency AFP to take photos from behind tall gates on the secluded street.

    What a view: The home is dubbed as the 'crown jewel' of the luxury Brentwood neighbourhood

    Living room: Monroe lived in the house for just six months before her untimely death

    Given that Monroe memorabilia is highly coveted, the weighty price tag of the house comes as no surprise.
    Even a burial spot near the star's last resting place at LA's Westwood Village Memorial Park was sold on the online auction website eBay in 2009 for a staggering $4.6million.
    Monroe died on August 5, 1962, at the age of 36. Her death was classified as a 'probable suicide' - but the possibility of an accidental overdose and even homicide have not been ruled out.

    Spacious: Wooden beams are a key theme in the house. Seen here is the kitchen

    Roaring fire: A lounge area with sofas and a marble table

    Today prospective buyers were seen outside the house waiting to view it.
    As these pictures show, the opulent interior boasts a cosy living area with a central fireplace.
    The wooden beamed ceilings are also a theme throughout and the kitchen is designed around a central island.
    Idyllic: Another view of the garden area of the sprawling mansion

    Get in line: Prospective buyers wait to view the house today

    Read more: Mayilyn Monroe home for sale for $3.6million | Mail Online

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    Gosh I wish I had $3.6 mill laying about. I would love to have it.
    I like the big kitchen and the backyard pool area is awesome.

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    It's a beautiful house. I'm honestly surprised the asking price isn't higher considering whose it was and where it's located.

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    It's big, but it's also cozy looking on the inside. Love it.
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    I like the wooden beamed ceilings a lot. A agree that the place looks cozy too.
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    I actually really like this isn't nearly as tacky as I expected it to be. Very comfy, very casual...I could see myself lounging around there all day!

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    Old hollywood glamour knew how to do it up right.
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    It's cute. I would live there.

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    Love the light in that kitchen. And am on board with the wood beamed ceilings.
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    Oh I love this! The wood beams are awesome, especially in the kitchen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    It's a beautiful house. I'm honestly surprised the asking price isn't higher considering whose it was and where it's located.
    Yes, I thought so too. $3.6 million is average for a house in that neighborhood. Below average considering it was MM's. There are more expensive houses even in my neighborhood, and my hood is nowhere near as nice as Brentwood.

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    If I was going to live in the LA area and had the dough I would be ALL OVER that. Wonder if there will be a bidding war?

    I'd like to live there not only because of Marilyn though of course that adds both interest and poignancy. It's truly just a gorgeous and comfortable-looking home. *sigh*
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    you already know.


    if i had that cash, i'd buy this place in a heart-beat! well maybe not, since im a huge fan and she did die here. but this is my favorite style of home architecture. anything Spanish/Mexican i adore.

    the whole courtyard aspect i love.

    my wish is that whoever buys this home takes good care of it and respects its legacy

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    I love it too---and really thought I wouldn't! The pool....awesome!

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    I didn't realize it was this big, I always assumed it was kinda small.
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