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Thread: Fun Decorated Bathrooms

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    Default Fun Decorated Bathrooms

    So I just signed for my first apartment and I was out shopping for some things that I need and since I love bathroom accessories I started with that stuff first. I found this awesome Mickey Mouse set at Target which is obviously for children but I LOVE Mickey Mouse! So my friend said, "Everyone has a weird/fun bathroom, what's the big deal?" I ended up going with a purple/blue theme but I think I'm going to at least break down and buy the Mickey toothbrush holder.

    So is it true? Do you have an unusually decorated bathroom? Do you care what your bathroom looks like?

    Also, any tips for a first time apartment renter would be greatly appreciated!
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    No, my bathroom is kinda hideous. I've got an old metal stand with shelves that stands above the toilet and that's the only real addition I made to the apartment bathroom. But I'll be moving soon.

    You can get some cute cheap stuff at Ikea, Target, Kmart, or Walmart. If you like artsy stuff, try going to Michaels for some dried branches or beaded things, if that's your style. I have a cracked, very 70's mirror that I got at goodwill for $2. You can decorate your apartment on the cheap with used goods!

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    I don't decorate, I live and the house follows suit. It has become a reflection of who I am rather than themes and it all seems to work. Live with what you love.

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    the only thing i do with my bathroom is try to keep everything the same color theme. Right now its black and white.

    i do buy all my bathroom accessories at Walmart etc. LOL
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    We're just renovating our bathroom now - you don't even want to know, it actually has 70s brown and gold CARPET in it - and it's not going to be super funky (have to think of resale), but we will have some fun with the accessories.

    We have an old clawfoot tub that we're painting charcoal grey, and we already own a bunch of these pinup girl towels:

    I have white hand towels with girls in cute coloured swimsuits, too, but I can no longer find them on the website to get a pic. We also have some sparkly deco mirrored pieces - toothbrush holder, lotion pump, wee jewelry catch-all.

    I agree with Twitchy, you should definitely surround yourself with things and colours that you love. I'm going with a mauve accent wall in the bedroom - the first time since I was a kid that I've had purple of any sort anywhere - just because I really think it will be sexy and romantic and just a little bit girly and will make me happy.
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    I prefer my bathrooms to reflect my taste in decorating. We renovated a few years ago. The vanity is cherry wood with scroll accents, brass faucets, and a terracotta flecked granit countertop. The walls are ivory, and the floors are big, textured terracotta ceramic tiles. The toliet is ivory and low profile. The bathtub is a jacuzzi, and the showerhead is a large rainfall one that comes directly out of the ceiling in the center of the shower, no pipes or anything. The shower is tiled with slightly smaller versions of the floor tile, from the sides to the ceiling. I had the closet made a bit smaller so I could have a waist-high tile shelf built in the shower. The shower curtain is a light weight fabric with embroidered palm trees, and the hand towel on the counter matches.

    I love bathrooms, so mine is a place I feel relaxed in and I designed it to make me happy.

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