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Thread: A Renovation and Relocation in Cambodia

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    Default A Renovation and Relocation in Cambodia

    Justin Mott for The New York Times
    Darryl Collins, an Australian art historian, bought a majestic 1915 house on a remote island in Cambodia, moved it to Siem Reap, where he planned to retire, and renovated it. Inside, an intricately carved arch casts a stunning shadow on the exposed-beam roof when Mr. Collins lights the Chinese glass lanterns hanging behind it.

    A Renovation and Relocation in Cambodia - Slide Show -

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    No. Something is dark and creepy about it(besides the pic of the apparent owner)-just makes me think of a hideout for a southeast Asian pedo or something. Ick.
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    I looove this area

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    There's some really nice photography here.

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