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Thread: Charlize Theron rents out her Malibu home for $50,000 a month

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    Default Charlize Theron rents out her Malibu home for $50,000 a month

    If you've ever wondered what it would be like to live Charlize Theron's Hollywood lifestyle then now you can find out - for a price.
    For $50,000 a month fans can rent out the luxurious Malibu beachhouse the Oscar-winner used for romantic weekends away with ex-boyfriend Stuart Townsend.
    It might seem a lot of money for a three-bedroom cottage-style home, but it comes with a much sought-after ocean front location.

    Living on the beach: Charlize Theron is renting out her Malibu home - for $50,000 a month

    Room with a view: The dining table overlooks the ocean, with room for plenty of guests

    South African actress Charlize is renting out the house following the end of her nine-year relationship in January with Irish actor Townsend, who jointly owns the beach house.
    According to the 2,095 square foot 1930 house sits on the sands of Malibu in one of the Californian towns most exclusive communities.
    A deck area for entertaining guests backs onto a stretch of golden sand, while in the master bedroom the occupants can relax in a Jacuzzi.

    Former love nest: Charlize jointly owns the house with ex-boyfriend Stuart Townsend
    Moving on: Charlize Theron is renting out the house after her split from Stuart Townsend

    The house is on the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, with two private parking spaces for vehicles.
    Pictures show a well-stocked modern kitchen, with photos of pet dogs on the wall and pots of sunflowers to brighten the area.
    Plants and trees are scattered around the indoor seating area, which boasts a modern pared-down style.
    Charlize, 34, also owns another home in Los Angeles, where she spends much of her time when not away filming.
    Following her break-up with Townsend he moved into their Malibu retreat, although he has now moved on.
    Charlize has since been linked to actor Keanu Reeves after they were spotted hugging in the street last month.
    They starred alongside each other in The Devil's Advocate in 1997 and Sweet November in 2001.

    Homely: The well stocked kitchen has a picture of a pet dog on the wall and a pot of sunflowers by the window

    All yours: But to rent the luxury home will cost $50,000 a month

    Read more: Charlize Theron rents out her Malibu love nest... for $50,000 a month | Mail Online

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    who collects all the pillows if it rains?
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    Well, some of the rentals at the beach I go to during the summer can go for over $18,000 a WEEK (during the peak season). These are very very large private homes w/private pools and elevators, that can literally hold 20+ people comfortably, so if you get enough people it's not horrendous.

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    $50,000 a month for that crap? Not even the view of the ocean is enough to make that place look good.

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