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Thread: Walt Disney Launches a Wallpaper Collection

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    Default Walt Disney Launches a Wallpaper Collection

    York Wallcoverings and the lifestyle brand Walt Disney Signature have teamed up to debut an upscale wallpaper collection inspired by original artwork from the Disney archives of the 1940 classic Fantasia. The collection includes 12 prints with graphic and botanical motifs derived from specific scenes in the animated film, such as the dancing thistles and orchids, frost fairies, and milkweed ballerinas in "The Nutcracker Suite."

    Walt Disney Launches a Wallpaper Collection

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    i hate wallpaper but they look pretty. i was expecting disney characters.

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    I think wallpaper is usually pretty hard to use successfully, but these patterns seem classic and pretty neutral. I'm not sure I would use them personally, but overall, they are not terrible.

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