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Thread: Flat smaller than a snooker table is worth 200,000

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    Default Flat smaller than a snooker table is worth 200,000

    An Englishman's home may be his castle - but in Ray Barker's case it's a converted broom cupboard measuring 11ft by 5.5ft.
    But location is everything, and thanks to its coveted spot opposite Harrods in Knightsbridge, the miniature pad has been valued at 200,000.
    And its just right for Mr Barker, who uses the tiny space to sleep in, thus avoiding a lengthy commute between Bath and Chiswick.

    Location, location, location: The flat is ideally located opposite Harrods in London's plush Knightsbridge area. The sofa converts into a bed thereby saving Ray Barker a lengthy commute between Bath and the capital

    Pricey: Valued at 200,000, the tiny apartment is worth 35,000 more than the average UK home

    The 49-year-old bought the pokey space for 120,000 four years ago, the Mirror reported.
    He said: I do the cleaning while lying in my sofa bed. In fact, I can wash up, answer the door, make a cuppa and go to the loo all at the same time.
    The flat's two rooms measure 60.5sq ft (compared to a 72sq ft snooker table) and has a toilet, a shower which doubles up as a wardrobe, and six-inch deep cupboards.
    It was converted into a living space in 1987 and bought by a secretary for 37,000.
    Now worth almost six times as much, selling the flat would enable Mr Barker to put down an offer on 600-year-old Ballyfinboy Castle, which rests on two acres of land in Co. Tipperary, Eire.
    But he said: My cosy flat is just fine for sleeping. And itd be a lot harder getting to my job in Chiswick from Ireland.

    Multi-use: Somewhere to hang his jacket and keep his shampoo. The shower cubicle doubles up as a wardrobe

    Handy: The closet was converted into a flat at the height of the Eighties property boom

    Flat smaller than a snooker table is worth 200,000 | Mail Online

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    There's just no way.... Where would I put my shoes?
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    OMG my chest literally tightened when I looked at these photos. So claustrophobic.
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    It really IS a closet: no window(s)!
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    A guy would be totally happy in there.
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    I couldn't even spend the night in that thing, let alone live in it.
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    I think I would flee after about 30 minutes. I believe I see curtains, though; a window would help.

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    i lived in a room that was about that size my last year of high school - parents had to move to another country and high school where i was is 13 years but where they were going it's 12 so i had to stay to finish. the room was in a student residence. anyhoo, at least the mini-kitchen and bathroom were separate from the room. but yeah, 'lived' there is a big word. i pretty much used it for storage and i basically moved in with my best friend and her family and we used this place as a crash pad when we wanted to stay out late. and even then, the only way we could both sleep on the bed without falling out was to put the mattress on the floor.
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    Having no where to store my clothes and having to hang my coat in the shower would kill it immediately for me.

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    Pointless being spitting distance away from Harrods if there is nowhere to stash your goodies.

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    I'm getting claustrophobic just looking at it.
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    Did Harry Potter live there?

    And oh hell no on the me living there thing.

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    Is the living room the same as the bedroom?

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