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Thread: Lara Spencer trades traditional Greenwich for California modern

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    Default Lara Spencer trades traditional Greenwich for California modern

    By Debra Prinzing

    ( Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times ) Lara Spencer and David Haffenreffer traded more than time zones last year when they moved from Greenwich, Conn., to Beverly Hills. They crossed architectural decades. Spencer, host of "The Insider" celebrity news show on CBS, and her husband, a former CNN anchor, left behind a bucolic 1901 carriage house and adopted furniture, art and accessories for the 1960s California home they bought for themselves, daughter Kate, and son Duff, pictured here with Spencer.

    Lara Spencer's home: Made for the modern family -

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    This isn't really my style but I like this and the bar and weird dining room.

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    I really like this. With the exception of a few pieces of furniture I do not like, a few color choices, etc. I really like it. And it is hard for me to like modern, but I do with this one. It looks very warm, inviting, and livable-which can be kind of hard to do with modern.

    Now I wonder what the exterior of the house looks like?

    I like the half circle couch in the first pic.
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