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Thread: Former Palm Springs home of 'Dragnet' star Jack Webb

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    Default Former Palm Springs home of 'Dragnet' star Jack Webb

    By Barbara Thornburg

    ( Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times ) Some neighbors think of it as the "Dragnet" house, with good reason: The Palm Springs residence was built in 1960 by actor, producer and director Jack Webb, most famous for his role as Sgt. Joe Friday in the 1950s TV series. New homeowners Robin and Michael Mininni wanted to be true to those architectural roots but avoid the by-the-numbers period look so typical in Palm Springs. The challenge: How to make the house look Midcentury minus the decorating cliches? The living room hints at one part of the answer: contemporary furniture in a vintage palette, with curtains that look like mother of pearl.

    Former Palm Springs home of 'Dragnet' star Jack Webb -

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    soulless. and too beige/cream.
    i like the armchair in the living room and the fireplace but everything else looks boring and hotel like. and i hate the recessed lights. and don't get me started on the paint colours and wall treatments.
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    the paintings above the fireplace are horrible.
    the bedroom looks unfinished.
    and i hate all the light fixtures. they're not pretty. stop taking pictures of them.

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    I really like this. I'm a beige kinda gal.
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    Rip out that bathroom, and toss the furnishings and the whole place could have a very mod 60's feel thanks to the design
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    I actually llke most of it, they just need a bit more color to offset all the beige and camel tones I think, which I like but yeah, there is alot of beige-ness here.

    (watched North by Northwest last night, surprised at how much I liked the fifties modernism this time. This place reminds me a bit of the Rapid City place that James Mason had in the movie, but the ceilings were higher.)

    That ceiling looks too low for that large of a space in the living room to me.
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    The only thing I like

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