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Thread: Bringing it all back home

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    Default Bringing it all back home

    Relying on local materials, local craftsmen, and the land her family has farmed for over two centuries, a New Yorker rediscovers her Midwestern roots.
    Rattled by 9/11 and worn down by 34 years in lower Manhattan, artist Lauren Ewing wanted to build a retreat where she could escape the city for a few weeks or months at a time. Ewing, a sculptor and Rutgers University art professor, considered sites in the Northeast but eventually turned to the 500-acre property in Vincennes, Indiana, that her family has farmed since 1806. The house she designed—–a version of the venerable Southern-style shotgun house, updated with a modernist flair—–has given her a place to unwind and reconnect with her Midwestern roots.

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    i was liking it until i got to the sofa. that thing is an abomination. it needs to be doused with gasoline and killed in a purifying fire.
    overall it's a nice house even though i'd redo the kitchen (not ugly but boring), change the living and dining room furniture, and burn that desk thing in the corner behind the dining table. the wood floor in the living room is also a teensy bit light for my liking.
    the exerior is nice though, and it looks like a really nice property.
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    Love those steps & all the storage. Nice view.
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    i love the sofa

    *skips off holding hands with my bad taste*

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    Big long box with ugly shiny white paint inside. ugh. Makes me want to throw mud on the walls.
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    I actually like the sofa too.
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