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    Default Surfer's turf

    It was the surf and the artsy vibe that attracted Eric Grunbaum to Venice Beach, California, 18 years ago. An avid surfer and creative director for an advertising agency, he thrives on lively environs. So it’s no surprise that he turned to the Los Angeles–based architect Barbara Bestor to design a house for him near the Pacific. Bestor, the chair of graduate studies at Woodbury Uni-versity School of Architecture, has a formidable reputation in Southern California for her bohemian modernism, and for Grunbaum, she created a 2,000–square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath home that harbors a traditional sensibility with a contemporary heart. Grunbaum gives us the tour of his modern surf shack.

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    fluorescent lighting? seriously?

    wtf is with the overabundance of ugly couches lately
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    overall i like this but it would need some changes: the sofas are fug, so is the rug. hate the kitchen (don't like black furniture/cabinets), the neon lights suck and i also dislike the bar stools. also, i hate that yellow wall, it's the colour of egg stale yolk and looks putrid next to the red sofas.
    the bed is too cutesy and i'd take the cartoon camouflage off the bahtroom window.
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    Very "Venice Beach". I like though.
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    i don't hate it but there's always room for improvement.
    i think what i like most about this house, is the position of the window in the bedroom.

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