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Thread: Casa Kimball - Dominican Republic

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    Default Casa Kimball - Dominican Republic

    Elegant use of space, lovely surface texture and breathtaking sightlines help this new “stack of boxes” avoid the current architectural cliché and give it the appearance of a villa that is not new at all but rather an established retro holiday compound of someone with a confident sense of style and a stack of extra cash.

    Casa Kimball is a much-publicized private house and rental villa on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Designed by New York’s Rangr Studio.

    Casa Kimball owner, Google software engineer Spencer Kimball, found Jasmit Rangr via Google when he needed a designer for his New York loft. That cooperation led to the next project, the beach house in the Dominican Republic.

    Casa Kimball’s lovely features include huge window and doors that pivot on ball bearings and have extremely thin and light frames made of a South-American hardwood as strong as steel. Floors and ceilings are covered with local coral stone. The 20,000 square-foot casa has eight suites. - Tuija Seipell

    The Cool Hunter - Casa Kimball - Dominican Republic

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    i'm packing my bags right now because i'm moving in! those views are insane.

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    i want it.
    that pools is huge!! and the house is simply gorgeous.
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    The sun platform in the infinity pool is fabulous. I get the chair on the right.

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    Now this is modern 'concrete boxes on top of eachother" done right. Doing this right is actually very difficult I think. They have succeeded here IMO.

    The nuances of the building itself in different textures, forms, and finishes make the building not be sterile, and along with the pool it also helps it blend in with the environment of the ocean headlands. Very well done.

    I almost always hate the 'concrete boxes-modern', but this is a great exception!
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    Very James Bond. I dig it. And that pool is awesome.

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    Just pitch me a tent by that pool!

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