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Thread: Property 6ft wide on sale for 550,000

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    Default Property 6ft wide on sale for 550,000

    There really is no room to swing a cat but this two-bedroom house just 66 inches wide is set to sell for more than half a million pounds.
    The property in Shepherd's Bush, west London, on the market for 549,950, has been described as one of the skinniest houses in Britain.
    And estate agents are using that feature as its selling point.

    Thin but pricey: The entire house measures just 5ft 6ins wide

    The house on Goldhawk Road has five levels - a lower ground, ground, first, second and third floor, with 1,000sq ft of space.
    It looks set to record a good price as a shortage of stock across London and low interest rates continue to drive prices up.
    The advertised price is 61,450 more than what it was sold for three years ago.
    Estate agent Simon Beatson, of Faron Sutaria which is selling the property, said he expected a great deal of interest in the thin home.

    The dining area: The house features sought-after parquet flooring throughout

    The sitting room: The house has been refurbished in a cool, minimalist style

    He said: 'I have never seen a house like this - it really is skinny, but that adds to its charm.
    'It certainly is one of the thinnest homes in the country.' Mr Beatson said the second floor could be divided to create a third bedroom if the new owners' wished.
    He said he expected a couple or a single person to buy the house because it was not practical for families.
    Mr Beatson said the home was good value per square foot, despite its thin width.
    'The home really does have a big area and it is close to the new Westfield Shopping Centre and only seven minutes walk from the tube,' he said.
    Mr Beatson said the property market was set to soar next year because of a shortage of homes on the market.
    'There is still not as much stock on the market as we would like on the market,' he said.

    Small but beautiful: The property even has its own paved garden, ideal for barbeques in the summer

    The bathroom has a European-style bidet and a modern, high-powered shower

    There is even a chic Aga cooker for the new owner

    And the renovation company fitted it with these neat kitchen units

    'It has quietened down over December, which it always does but we are expecting January to be booming.
    'January was really busy last year and it should be busy again.' Mr Beatson said many home owners had been too scared to sell, fearing they will not get the right price for their asset.
    But he said those fears had led to a shortage of homes for sale which had driven up the cost of real estate across London.
    'People are concerned about selling because they are worried if they will have anywhere new to move into,' he said.
    'Interest rates are low at the moment, but people are worried what interest rates will do in the New Year.
    'But hopefully the New Year is going to be very busy.'

    Book shelves line the first floor landing and the passageway leaning to the living room

    The double bed is almost as wide as the house

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    I like it-should sell pretty fast.
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    It's really cute and not as squashed as I'd pictured it.

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    It not only looks livable, but nice and quaint. I'd take it.

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    I feel claustrophobic just thinking about living there! Very nice interior though.

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    I love it. I really thought it would be a lot more cramped looking.

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    I thought it would be a lot smaller looking. It looks cute and cozy
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    It's cute and cozy! But the stairwell needs a guard rail or something, there isn't enough walkway to have an open pit like that.
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    Obviously this is misleading...the frontage may be six feet wide, but obviously the whole property is much wider. The back is at least seven or eight feet and the back yard is a good ten or twelve feet.

    The whole thing is actually quite livable(for one or maybe two people)..surprisingly so.

    I wish it showed more of the floor plan, especially how the different levels connect and how the stairs are worked,

    *the 'entire house' is NOT just five feet six inches wide. Bullshit.
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    i thought it would be worse when i opened the thread. its really nice!
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    love that bed...
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    Not the skinniest house I've seen. It's cute.
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    Too tight for me...

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