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Thread: An apartment for Jewels

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    Default An apartment for Jewels

    Elizabeth Lewis, a jewelry designer, works largely in semiprecious stones. Because she cannot afford separate quarters in which to make and sell her wares, her apartment does triple duty as showroom, work space and living area.

    An Apartment for Jewels - The New York Times > Real Estate > Slide Show > Slide 14 of 15

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    bitch sells rocks and can't make ends meet? the fuck?
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    the flat itself is gorgeous - high ceilings, parquet, moldings... she's got some nice pieces but overall it lacks personality. i'd also redo the kitchen cabinets and counters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    bitch sells rocks and can't make ends meet? the fuck?
    From what I understand, it's a tough time in the jewelry biz right now. Precious metals are at a high, and a lot of consumers aren't buying jewelry. I'd say if she's managing to even stay in the field right now, she must be pretty talented and savvy. Needs to wash her hair, though.
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    nice but needs a little color
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