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Thread: Architect Aaron Neubert builds the ultimate family home -- for himself

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    Default Architect Aaron Neubert builds the ultimate family home -- for himself

    ( Ann Johansson / For The Times ) By Lisa Boone

    Architect Aaron Neubert scoured Silver Lake for the right spot to build a contemporary family home, and found it in a dilapidated Spanish tract house that his wife, Stacy Horth-Neubert, initially refused to move into. But the architect was so captivated by the 7,500-square-foot lot, he persevered and spent years drawing up plans and acting as his own contractor to create an open living environment that connects to the outdoors from seemingly every angle.

    While juggling work for clients, he built this indoor-outdoor home that's open yet cozy. "This whole thing was for the kids," he says.

    Here, Neubert carries his son Penn, 4, while Horth-Neubert kicks back in the living room and daughter Quinn, 7, plays on the patio. With the backyard serving as an extension of the main living space, the house "is about light and the change of the seasons," Neubert says. "It's all about the yard. I wanted the kids to have a jungle."

    Architect Aaron Neubert builds the ultimate family home -- for himself -

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    Overall, I think I like the house okay--I really like the staircase plastered underneath and the way the house opens to the outdoors. Not as sure about the kitchen, which is sort of average, and that warped ladder hanging from the ceiling with pots--I might find that oppressive to cook under. Some other details I don't understand: is that a bathtub ... next to a bed? Are those ivory curtains ... from Wal-Mart? Is that messy jumble of photographs ... really, truly being featured as if it were an example to follow?
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    Great. He took 'years' to come up with something that is just another boxlike eyesore monstrosity that is 50 years past it's time. Pathetic. I feel sorry for the neighbors who have to look at that ting. The inside is ok I guess.
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    I like the concept he had-indoor/outdoor,kids jungle etc. The execution left a bit to be desired. Those pictures! Jammed up together and half crooked.
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    The exterior is boring, and the interior looks too cramped. I like the design of the bathroom, though.

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